NYC Tri-I TRAC (TB Research Advancement Center)



The NYC Tri-Institutional Tuberculosis Research Advancement Center (NYC Tri-I TRAC) is a collaboration of Weill Cornell Medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and Rockefeller University, which are adjacent to each other in New York City. The TRAC receives funding from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).
The mission of the TRAC is to pool the expertise and resources of an outstanding team of senior tuberculosis (TB) investigators at the three institutions in order to expand the number of investigators in the field of TB research and to promote innovative multidisciplinary TB research.


There are four Cores which work together synergistically.

  • Basic Science Core
  • Clinical Science Core
  • Developmental Core
  • Administrative Core

The Basic and Clinical Science Cores facilitate multidisciplinary translational research by “reaching across the aisle” and providing training to both basic and clinical scientists who want to initiate new translational studies using human cohorts and samples. They work closely with the Developmental Core to assure that recipients of the Developmental Project Awards have access to the full menu of technical experts and resources. The Administrative Core facilitates communication and provides oversight.

Developmental Project Award

The TRAC will fund 6 Developmental Project Awards annually of $50,000 each to support new investigators and investigators new to TB. Institutional funds from Weill Cornell Medicine support two of these awards each year which will be designated for under-represented minorities and women scientists. In collaboration with the Basic Science and Clinical Science Core, new investigators who receive the Developmental Project Award will be provided long-term mentoring, technical support, and basic or clinical science resources. Experienced investigators new to TB who receive the Developmental Project Award receive short-term technology advice and resources.

Please contact Dr. Nao Haba ( if you are interested in this research award for the year of 2023.

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