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Get Involved

WCMC researchers have been engaging in global health service, training, and research for over a century.  Weill Cornell Medical College is one of the only medical institutions in the country with robust, long-standing scientific and medical programs in international locations. In a new millennium of globalization and increased contact, however, emerging global health issues demand more attention and support than ever before. 

There are a number of ways to get involved in Global Health, both as a part of the ongoing efforts at Weill Cornell, and as part of the greater Global Health community.  Please visit the following pages for more information on how to get involved:

Ongoing Projects and Opportunities:  Weill Cornell's commitment to global health is manifest from its strong international presence in multiple sites.  For more information on ongoing projects, please visit the Major Initiatives page and the Global Health Faculty Profiles. Additional opportunities can be found in the Global Health Links page.

Education: Elective and curricular opportunities are available for medical students, graduate students, residents, and post-doctoral fellows.

Events: Numerous global health research, training, and policy events are held at Weill Cornell, in New York City, and across the country.

Student Groups: Weill Cornell medical students have formed several groups to engage in and discuss global health topics. DeScriptions of these student-led organizations can be found on the Student Groups page.

2012 Global Health Fellowship

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