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Visiting International Medical Students Planning an Elective at Weill Cornell

 The Office of Global Health Education (OGHE) hosts a large clinical electives program for interested international medical students. Those in their final year at an accredited medical college are eligible to submit an application to OGHE for consideration. Students select electives offered in the WCMC course booklet, ranking their choices from highest interest to lowest. Most visiting students spend one month at WCMC, although can spend up to three months, according to New York State law. Students must be proficient in English. Since 2004, the visiting medical student program has grown exponentially, with the plurality of students coming from Pakistan, Germany, and India. OGHE hosts monthly social programs for the visiting students. Each student must find his or her own housing, although OGHE can offer assistance in finding suitable accommodations. For further information please see the OGHE website (


Drs. Finkel (Weill Cornell) and Trevena (University of Sydney) with Weill Cornell Medical College and University of Sydney students who completed the Weill Cornell/University of Sydney student exchange.


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