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Interest Groups

Weill Cornell Center for Human Rights (WCCHR)

This faculty-supported student-run medical clinic is dedicated to providing medical, gynecologic, and psychiatric evaluations and affidavits to victims of torture and abuse.  In an asylum proceeding, healthcare professionals are crucial in providing documentation of torture and abuse, yet few medical schools or residency programs have developed a curriculum to educate medical students and residents in evaluating survivors. The WCCHR was founded with the goal of meeting our professional obligations by providing much needed medico-legal support to this vulnerable group and by training medical students, residents, and practicing physicians how recognize and evaluate victims of torture and abuse. For more information check out their website:

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM)

UAEM is a global student-led group with over 40 chapters that advocates for increased global access to essential medicines (including those developed in university labs) and for scaling up research on the neglected diseases of poverty. UAEM has 40 chapters in North America and an East Africa Initiative at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda and Weill Bugando in Mwanza, Tanzania.

The Tri-Institutional (Weill Cornell/Sloan-Kettering/Rockefeller) UAEM branch nucleates forums and symposia around these issues with key stakeholders; works to integrate global health issues into the medical school curriculum; and advocates for the inclusion of new drugs on the World Health Organization's Model List of Essential Medicines building of successful student-led petitions in 2007 (Statins) and 2009 (Omeprazole).

Contact Sunny Kishore at or visit for more information.

Careers in Global Health Seminar Series

Medical and graduate students are invited to these informal monthly discussions led by leaders in the global health arena.  These seminars help to inform students about career paths and issues in global health.  Past speakers have included clinicians, basic scientists, community health workers from GHESKIO (Haiti), and individuals from Partners in Health, Médecins Sans Frontières, and the WHO Essential Medicines Expert Committee. Sponsored by the Division of International Medicine and Infectious Diseases.

Contact Nikki Smith at for more information.

Neglected Disease Learning Group

With parasitologist Kirk Deitsch as an adviser, this group discusses the current scientific, medical and social developments as they relate to neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

Contact Sunny Kishore at for more information.

Social Medicine Reading Group

The Social Medicine Reading Group meets fortnightly to discuss journal articles, book chapters, essays, and other texts that relate to the social aspects of health, illness, and medicine.  Past topics include:

  • The everyday violence of hepatitis C among young women

  • Correctional medicine in the United States and human rights

  • The extraordinary and unusual adventures of kidneys and other body parts

  • Public health and the regulation of the body

  • Structural violence and clinical medicine

  • The history and policies of U.S. government food aid

 Contact Ricky Wang at for more information. 

Global Health Care Delivery (GHCD) Forum

The GHCD Forum seeks to address the implementation gap in the delivery of effective healthcare. Experts in the field are invited to present each topic using a case study approach, supplemented with readings and discussion. We address questions surrounding:

  • What makes a health intervention successful and effective? What frameworks can be utilized for the development of effective interventions?

  • How can such programs be recreated? How can such programs be scaled up?

  • How can the lessons learned from the delivery of health interventions be incorporated into broader health systems development?

For more information contact Marilyn Michelow or Cora Walsh

The International Medicine Interest Group (IMIG)

The International Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) is a MSEC sponsored group for students interested in promoting global health. The IMIG arranges reimbursement for trips to conferences throughout the country and also invites speakers to discuss their careers, personal motivations, and research. Previous guest lecturers have been Infectious Disease physicians, Emergency Medicine physicians and Disaster Medicine public health experts. Other past activities include clothing/book drives, documentary screenings, and teaching underprivileged high school and college students.

Current directors: Katharine Boyle,; Neha Kumar,; Daniel Sonshine; Cynthia Santos,

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