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Global Health Clinical Preceptorship

For first-year medical students
One afternoon (3-4 hours) per week
6-8 sessions in either Fall or Spring

Each student works with a clinician preceptor for 5-7 weeks at a time--first in the fall and again in late spring--to learn patient interviewing skills. Students in the Global Health Curriculum will be paired, for at least one of the two preceptorship blocks, with a clinician working primarily with underserved or immigrant populations (e.g. The Center for Special Studies HIV clinic, Clinics in South Ozone Park, Weill Cornell’s Long Island City Clinic, etc.).

The Global Health Preceptorship Program

The Global Health Preceptorship program involves a rotation program with a physician who practices in an under-served area of New York City or who treats an ethnically and economically diverse population, including immigrants, homeless, indigent or other. Global Health Preceptors are aware of the challenges inherent in global health (e.g., serving the under-served) and are open to sharing their expertise with students. Students may or may not be familiar with the cultures or communities in which their Global Health Preceptor works.


The Global Health Preceptorship is integrated into the pre-existing preceptorship course. Students matched with a Global Health Preceptor are first and foremost responsible for the requirements of the overarching preceptorship program, which includes any weekly assignments or assessments. Additionally, Global Health s students are expected to engage in the weekly material presented here during their preceptorships and are encouraged to incorporate themes and perspectives discussed here into their general preceptorship coursework, when applicable.

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